Avrisp mkii arduino development

I was trying to move are code from Arduino to platformio but the uploader protocol s are to complex and I want to upload using it but I could not I would be happ if someone could explain it for me

(I am using a arduino ATmega2560 )

I’ve been using an avrisp2 programmer with PlatformIO and AVR. Perhaps if you can post details of your programmer I can help with a suggested configuration. If you can link to your source code even better.

I know little about platformIO I would appreciate you helping me with the configuration I use a program module like this

Can you give the programmer model number? or link to it?

This is not the same as the programmer I use, which is Polulu AVR (six pin connector). It’s avrisp2 (stk500). I can use this perfectly with platformio.

sorry for the delay I use the Hw-417-v1.2 programing module I want to know more about the configuration this specific module