Avrdude not responding!

I haven’t seen this since I moved over to PIO in early 2020.

AVRDUDE is not responding when I try to upload. I tried to upload into three different WeMos R32s, happens to all three.

Happens to a second program, a random number generator with no libraries.

Everything shows up in Device Manager. One R32 that I couldn’t upload to is outputting to serial as it should. One R32 is brand-new, just opened it.

How is avrdude even used for the WeMos R32, which is an ESP32 board? esptool.py is the upload tool there, avrdude is for Atmel AVR chips. Make sure you have select an ESP32 project in the project environment switcher, double check the platformio.ini for platform = espressif32.

The correct project is selected. These are all WeMos D1 R32 boards.

Please show a screenshot of VSCode and the platformio.ini of the project indiciated by the project environment switcher.

Whatever happened cleared up overnight.

You can see the receiver serial output below the .ini stuff. No senders are running.

Now I have to figure out how to get the webserver to work again. It’s giving me an IP address, but no page displays.

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