AVR programming without arduino framework

I would like to know if it’s possible to use Platform.io for AVR programming in plain C without the Arduino framework (or any of it’s drawbacks). I’m using an ATTiny85 and an Arduino as ISP.



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You can use PlatformIO IDE for native AVR programming without any problems. Just put board = _the_nearest_board_for_your_mcu into platformio.ini and Menu: PlatformIO > Rebuild C/C++ Index.

To find some board ID with your MCU, please use PlatformIO Board Explorer.

For example

platform = atmelavr
board = pro16MHzatmega168

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Exactly what I was looking for! I was going to ask from your first answer if it was as simple as not using the line “framework=arduino” in the project file, which seem to be exactly that from your second answer.

Yes, the question on stackoverflow was mine. I didn’t get an answer linked to platform.io, thus I asked here. Thanks a lot!

Thanks, I’ve just updated our example platform-atmelavr/platformio.ini at develop · platformio/platform-atmelavr · GitHub

P.S: Would be thankful if you explain here ( c - avr-gcc vs Arduino in PlatformIO - Stack Overflow ) because my account is banned :frowning:

It’s done! :slight_smile: That’s what I wanted to do too. Thanks a lot for the help!

As pointed out by ivankravets on the platform.io community platform (see: AVR programming without arduino framework - #4 by cedricmenard), it is as simple as removing the line framework = arduino from the projectio.ini file to get rid of the Arduino framework and work in bare C for avr-gcc.

Thanks! A few corrections:


Please replace with PlatformIO. Platform io is ADs platform :smile:


Should be platformio.ini :blush:

Oh right thanks! I fixed the errors! :slight_smile: