Automatically rebuild Intellisense index on library import?

Is there any way to automatically rebuild Intellisense index when importing a library?

I have to rebuild it manually every time I import a new library. If it’s been a few weeks since the last time I’ve done it, enough time for me to forget that detail, that also means a good 10-30 minutes of googling, and a nagging feeling of “I’ve done this before”.

I see lots of posts about folks complaining about Intellisense taking too long or always causing errors, so I’d hope something like ^this is a toggleable option. If it is and I’m missing it, I’d toggle the heck out of it! Thanks :slight_smile:

In VSCode, it should be rebuilt. Every change to the platformio.ini will, at the point the save is done, lead to intellisense reload. The same should go for installing libraries via the GUI library manager.

Is there any particular setting that would disable that, that I’ve enabled? I’ve looked at my PIO and project settings and can’t see anything that would affect it. However my library is definitely not rebuilding after a library import, or any platformio.ini modification.

I’ll need you to give me exact step by step instructions on what you do and what you see that isn’t as expected.