Automatic ESP32 bootloader with platformio?

The spressif documentation mentions that the ESP32 dev board can enter boot mode automatically by the DTR/RTS signals of the serial port. Does this feature work also with platformio?

I got these boards from amazon but I must do the EN/BOOT buttons sequence each time I want to load a new program which is tedious. Should I look for better boards?

It seems that the defects is with the that model of ESP32 boards rather than with Platformio. They also do not do auto boot also with arduino Preformatted textIDE. Changing the boards to the model below fixed the problem.

Adding 10u capacitor between EN and GND fixed the problem with the board that didn’t work. The board that did work already has that 10u capacitor onboard. I am surprise that this is the case considering how mature and ubiquitous is the ESP32.

Under GitHub - yellobyte/ESP32-DevBoards-Getting-Started: Getting started with various ESP32 development boards. Lots of examples. you’ll find detailed infos to the reset circuitry on most ESP32 boards and gives troubleshooting tips. It might help you.