Autocompletion suddenly stopped working in Atom


I was having great time after migrating from Arduino IDE to Atom with PlatformIO installed. I started new project about a week ago and everything was working fine. Then suddenly, yesterday I noticed that I don’t get any code suggestions from Arduino library or any files from lib folder, however basic c++ syntax remained. Also, Atom (or PIO) “magically” added new folder called “include” - before that there were only lib and src folders.

Whole project still builds and uploads without any errors, anyway lack of autocompletion is driving me crazy. I spent two days googling for solution but nothing really helped me. Any suggestions?

And before you ask - I don’t really want to switch to VSCode since I’m getting some weird errors there - would like to stick with Atom if that’s possible.

Sorry, this is our issue. Please open PlatformIO IDE Terminal in Atom and type pio upgrade. Restart Atom. Does it work now?

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Yes, it works as it did before. Thanks a lot :wink: