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Authorization session has been expired

I logged in and try to publish a package. I get an error that seems to indicate that I am not logged in:

C:\Users\Wouter>pio package publish C:\ti-software\platformio\windows\avr-gcc-10.2.0-P0829
Error: Authorization session has been expired. Please, re-login.

However, when I log in I get the error that I am already logged in.

C:\Users\Wouter>pio account login -u -p .....
Error: You are already authorized with account.

What am I doing wrong?

Never mind, a second try did succeed. Maybe it was a communications timeout? The error messagte is not very informative (and the suggestion to log in seems wrong).

I have the same issue, only this time, restart of VS code, restarting Win10, de/reenabling or upgrading PIO also wouldn’t help :frowning:
Please, can anywone help?

There have been many duplicate issues opened on PIO’s Github page with the same issue “Start PIO Home Server” at the moment.
As described there, to resolve the .platformio folder under C:/users/username has to be deleted (but so will most of your configuration).
Then restart VS code. It should redo the PIO core installation and all should return to normal :slight_smile: