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ATtiny85 core question


Hi everyone,
I’m using the ATtiny85 for my project and I would like to know what core platformIO uses.

Searching on platformio/platforms/atmelavr/boards, i think it uses the “tiny” core, base on ATtinyCore (, an if i try to use the SoftwareSerial it loads the SoftwareSerial made by ATtinyCore.

If i use the Adafruit Gemma (it use the tiny85 chip) i see that uses the “arduino” core, not the “tiny”. So the can use the standard SoftwareSerial library.

My question is:
can i use the “arduino” core when i need to use the standard SoftwareSerial and the “tiny” core then i need to use the SoftwareSerial from the ATtinyCore ?

Is it the ATtinyCore, on PlatformIO, updated at the last version on

  1. ATTinyCore has been updated to the latest stable version
  2. It seems that you can switch between cores using board options


You need to override core and variant.