ATtiny85 core question


Hi everyone,
I’m using the ATtiny85 for my project and I would like to know what core platformIO uses.

Searching on platformio/platforms/atmelavr/boards, i think it uses the “tiny” core, base on ATtinyCore (, an if i try to use the SoftwareSerial it loads the SoftwareSerial made by ATtinyCore.

If i use the Adafruit Gemma (it use the tiny85 chip) i see that uses the “arduino” core, not the “tiny”. So the can use the standard SoftwareSerial library.

My question is:
can i use the “arduino” core when i need to use the standard SoftwareSerial and the “tiny” core then i need to use the SoftwareSerial from the ATtinyCore ?

Is it the ATtinyCore, on PlatformIO, updated at the last version on