ATSAMC21 svd files from microchip DFP cause pio svd parser to fail

Platformio v4.3.3

just a warning to others , the microchip SVD definition has a section about 2/3 the way down defining the PTC peripheral , but as microchip doesn’t release the register definitions , the svd doesn’t contain any viewable registers , this seems to fault the svd parser ( “ you get the totally meaningless “ 0 “ error “) . If you comment out the PTC section , the svd file will load , this issue does not appear in the D21 or D09/D10/D11 svd files

Is this a diplicate of Unable to parse SVD file: TypeError: Cannot read property '0' of undefined - #2 by maxgerhardt? Please don’t use a new thread but append the information here if it’s the same.

It’s not quite the same, this is a fix for the svd file , the other is reporting a parser error that’s meaningless