Atom Platformio Auto Complete feature that VS Code doesn't have

I apologise if the title is too vague/inaccurate, I’m not sure what the feature I’m talking about is called.

I downloaded Atom + Platformio to use to edit Arduino code.
One of the features it has is that when you use auto complete to finish any of the arduino functions (e.g. pinMode), it already creates the first bracket, allowing you to type in the first parameter. When you hit tab, it automatically inserts the , and allows you to type in the second parameter.

I decided to try Platformio on VSCode, since I’ve heard it’s better, but when I used it I found that while it does autocompete the function, it won’t jump to the next parameter (or insert the , ) when I hit tab. I have to do it manually.

Does anyone know if this can be adjusted somehow in settings (or what its called)? I went back to using Atom for now but I would like to use VSCode if I can enable that feature somehow.

Thanks in advance :smiley:

Hm that’s dependent on the C++ VSCode extension, I think. PlatformIO does not directly control these IntelliSense feataures.

I’ve searched for these features by googling and looking into the C++ extension settings, but found nothing that would implement. Maybe you should open an issue on Issues · microsoft/vscode-cpptools · GitHub to have VSCode devs look at this.

Ah ok, thank you for the information.

I’ll look around a bit to see if I find anything, but if not I’ll try asking on github.