Atmel SAM SAMD51G19A Support

Will there be support for the SAMD51G19A added to the Atmel SAM platform? Does adding it require a third party to provide an Arduino compatible bootloader? Thanks.

Do you work with it and Arduino IDE?

I am not but plan to. I purchased a MattairTech Xeno Mini - SAMD51 development board for prototyping my own D51 design as an Arduino. Justin Mattair has not released updated Arduino core code yet for the D51 however it’s being worked on. I was hoping that PlatformIO would have the necessary bits so I can program the D51 board as an Arduino. I’ve been bouncing around looking for the right MCU to design around. I’ve looked at the K66, STM32F7, SAM3X8C, SAMD51, and the PIC32MZ. These MCUs ALL have varying levels of Arduino – and PlatformIO for that matter – support. That’s why I asked. Thanks.

Please file a feature reuqest here Issues · platformio/platform-atmelsam · GitHub

Will do. Quick question; can I use PlatformIO in lieu of Atmel Studio for ASF?

There is some necessary code on Adafruit Github.
They plan some boards.

I’m already aware and I’ve installed the beta code. It did not go well with the MattairTech board.