Atmel SAM dev/platform v3.4.0: new boards, debugging via J-Link & ST-Link

We are pleased to announce the next release v3.4.0 of Atmel SAM development platform.

Demo: Debug Arduino Due via ST-Link

platform = atmelsam
board = due
framework = arduino
debug_tool = stlink

Wiring Connections

What’s New

  • New boards: Arduino MKR WiFi 1010, Adafruit Hallowing M0, Sodaq SARA, Sodaq SFF
  • Add support for debugging via J-Link
  • Add support for debugging (at91sam3X8E) via ST-Link (issue #31)
  • Update Adafruit Core to 1.2.3
  • Update Arduino Core to 1.6.19
  • Update Sodaq Core to 1.6.18

See Release Notes for details.


See project examples platform-atmelsam/examples at develop · platformio/platform-atmelsam · GitHub



  • PlatformIO IDE – please navigate to PIO Home > Platforms > Updates
  • PlatformIO Core – please run a next CLI command $ pio update

The PIO Plus Team

This update broke all my various production codes!
I can compile and upload but they don’t run like usual (rotary not working anymore / I2C display not working …)
I have a second machine still on 3.2.0 and it works fine when I compile and upload the same code (shared via Dropbox)
I reverted to 3.2.0 using pio platform install atmelsam@3.2.0 and my codes run again

maybe you are making too much modification in one go ?
could you split the update like
3.2.1 : Update Adafruit Core to 1.2.3
3 2.2 : Update Arduino Core to 1.6.19

etc …
to let us find where to look ?

here is my platformio.ini

platform = atmelsam
board = adafruit_feather_m0
framework = arduino
lib_ignore = SDU
lib_deps =

Thanks in advance

Please sorry for the issue. Could you file an issue in GitHub - platformio/platform-atmelsam: Atmel SAM: development platform for PlatformIO ?

You can use a different dev/platform per project. Just use platform = atmelsam@3.2.0

How do you get to track the changes made by Arduino or Adafruit ?

Arduino Sam core 1.6.19 doesn’t say what they changed in their Changelog
Same with Adafruit : they don’t even maintain their changelog !
So we have to check all their commits to find what is wrong ??

Ok I think I nailed it: see the GitHub issue Version 3.4.0 : my code is not working anymore · Issue #38 · platformio/platform-atmelsam · GitHub

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