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Asynchronous UART breaks SPI communication

I’m currently working on a project which implements the Gapuino development board with Mbed OS on the RISC-V GAP8 platform of PlatformIO.

In this project I have to sample at a constant rate without losses (by using a data ready interrupt) data coming from an SPI device (ADS1299). Batches of data has to be sent (with a much slower rate) to a computer via asynchronous UART using rosserial protocol.

The problem lies with the fact that I cannot know when the computer is gonna send messages (sync messages for example which are frequent) and thus this will cause a UART rx interrupt that will break the execution of SPI reads ending with the following error:

Assert failed: g_spiHandle[1], file: /home/gualor/.platformio/packages/framework-gap_sdk/mbed-os/targets/TARGET_GWT/TARGET_GAP8

I managed to reproduce this error without the presence of rosserial, by just having a thread which takes too long to complete (using wait) that will cause the data ready interrupt to overlap with the SPI reads (which normally does not happen) :

#include "mbed.h"
#include "ADS1299.h"
#include "Definitions.h"

InterruptIn DRDY(GPIO_A5_B40);  // Setup interrupt pin
ADS1299 ads;                    // SPI device
osThreadId id;

// Data ready interrupt
void dataReadyISR(void)
    osSignalSet(id, 0x05);  // Signal when data is ready

int main() 
    id = ThisThread::get_id();              // Thread ID
    DRDY.fall(callback(&dataReadyISR));     // Attach data ready ISR

        osSignalWait(0x05, osWaitForever);  // Wait for data ready interrupt
        ads.updateChannelData();            // Read data with SPI
        // Used to slow down thread and cause
        // interrupt to break SPI

To go straight to the point, my question is:
"is there a way of making SPI interrupt safe without disabling UART rx interrupts? (losing incoming messages will cause a lost connection).

Thank you in advance for the support, any help will be greatly appreciated!

Seems like you have found a bug in in the implementation of framework-gap_sdk written by GreenWaves Technologies. You have already opened an issue at This is correct.

Once the issue has been corrected, you can open an issue on for an update request.

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Thank you very much for the quick response!
Yes, I opened an issue regarding a bug of the SPI transfer function that would have solved the issue by allowing non-blocking SPI communication and hence avoid the risk of getting interrupted (I think).

I already had issues with the gap_sdk in which the drivers for the RawSerial::attach method were entirely missing, I had to use a workaround that didn’t make use of attach, so I’m not sure this bug will be fixed anytime soon as GreenWaves Technologies does not support Mbed OS anymore.

I was wondering if there could be a workaround to the issue I am facing by just using the tools that I currently have, or is it impossible given the requirements I mentioned?