Arrangement of the Panes in PlatformIO

Good afternoon,
dont know if this is the right place. I have a question regarding the arrangement of the panes / windows in Platform IO.

I have a three monitor setup and so enough space on the screen. But the code pane, the build pane and my serial monitor are stacked vertically. How can I arrange that? It would be good to have the serial monitor in a different window. Using an external und seperate serial monitor (like putty) is not a good choice because it has to be closed before every upload,
Any suggestions?
I’m working with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.

No ideas how to solve that issue?
I´m new with platformIO but did not find any solution until now.
Any help appreciated.


This seems like the old Atom plugin for PlatformIO? VScode is the new standard now btw.

Regarding your question: Tile placement is controlled by Atom itself, not the PlatformIO extension – Atom user forums / github might give you a better answer.

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Ah, I see!
Thanks for your answer! I thought VScode is only for the windows users.
I will give it a try.