ARM mbed OS 5.8.6


We’re happy to announce a support for the new releases of ARM mbed 5.8.6 and STM32Cube frameworks.

What is new

  • Update mbed framework to 5.8.6
  • Add STM32Cube support for STM32F407VE
  • Declare command for checking memory usage
  • Use independent LD script for SPL framework
  • Fix issue when path contains space while generating LD script


Please open PIO Home and navigate to “Platforms > Updates”

The PlatformIO Team


Where is the command to check memory usage?
I don’t see any reference to it on


See “checkprogsize” target for platformio run command. You can also print detailed memory usage using pio run -v command.

Please note that this feature depends on PIO Core 3.6. Please run pio upgrade --dev.


thanks, i tought this allowed me to check dynamic memory usage. Earlier versions already told me how much DATA and PROGRAM memory i was using.