ARM mbed OS 5.12: Platform Security Architecture, Wi-SUN stack, Bare Metal profile

We’re happy to announce support for the latest releases of ARM mbed OS 5.12.3 and to introduce a new off-line builder with support for configuration system based on official “mbed_app.json” and build profiles.


What is new

Mbed OS 5.12 brings support for Platform Security Architecture (PSA) to truly secure your data end-to-end. The release is supported in Mbed Studio Beta, providing a seamless development and debugging experience. Mbed OS includes the first open sourced Wi-SUN stack for Field Area Networks based on 6LoWPAN and IEEE 802.15.4 technologies, and new USB device stack supporting multiple device classes. Finally, it introduces a new Mbed OS profile called “bare metal”, which targets memory constrained devices.

This release also includes fixes, new versions of various components and updates to supported compiler versions.

See Release Notes for details.



Please open PIO Home and navigate to “Platforms > Updates”

The PlatformIO Team