ARM mbed OS 5.10.1, new boards, bug fixes

We’re happy to announce a support for the new release of ARM mbed OS 5.10.1.

What is new

  • Update mbed to 5.10.1
  • Add support for ST Nucleo L4R5ZI and STM32F407VG generic MCU
  • Add new example with NFC library for Nordic nRF52
  • Set ST-Link as default debugger for BluePill board
  • Move mbed build script to framework-mbed package
  • Fix incorrect macro for STM32F413 boards
  • Fix RAM size for disco_f407vg


Please visit a page with examples for ARM mbed OS.


Please open PIO Home and navigate to “Platforms > Updates”

PIO Plus Team

Please, add latest version MBED

@valeros could we update to Release mbed-os-5.10.4 · ARMmbed/mbed-os · GitHub ?

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Yes, update to 5.10.4
Thanks in advance!!!