Arduino to platformio

I have always hated the anal retentive nature of c compilers.
arduino works and makes sense.
how do I get platformio to behave this way

The language in the Arduino IDE is C/C++. It all gets fed into a C/C++ compiler at the end. In the Arduino IDE, you just don’t have to write #include <Arduino.h> and function prototypes, all of which is documented online.

You need to have a more specific question than “how do I get platformio to behave this way”, describing what “this way” is (a specific error you encountered?), what you want improved and also use friendlier language.

“the same way as arduino”

meaning just that. Which syntax error does not matter, there should be none at all.
in the arduino ide a program works and platformio complains and wont compile it.
Is there a setting i can put in platformio to make it work with arduino programs.
Its like a metric thread on a imperial nut.
I will be using platformio in the future but just now I am not in the market for another language.

I have switched back to sublime text which compiles all my programs on various cpus.
sloeber and platformio have been purged.
I will stick with arduino compatable which this is obviously not

Isn’t this an entertaining read.

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we both agree on that

I’m closing this topic due to the following reasons:

  • ranting
  • no concrete error message to solve being given
  • feedback is not constructive

You are free to open a topic when you have a concrete problem to solve with PlatformIO or a constructive improvement suggestion. If you’d like to object to this, PM me.