Arduino project library error


Hi firends

Do you know, why appear this error and how i can fix it?


It seems that only Intellisense (for autocompletion and similar services in the editor). Can you try to build it and confirm that building is not affected?

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Yes it works!, thanks for answer, if only its intellisense, this must not give me problems when i upload more complex codes, true?
sorry for my english

Correct, it should NOT give you problems when working with more complex code. IntelliSense is only responsible for autocomplete and trying to detect errors in code… sometimes it doesn’t work properly without some prodding.

It’s worth investigating why Intellisense doesn’t work. After all it’s one of the main reasons for using PlatformIO and not the Arduino IDE.

Can you show your project’s platformio.ini file?

Also check that you have no Visual Studio extensions for C/C++ programming active other than:

  • C/C++ from Microsoft
  • PlatformIO IDE from PlatformIO
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