Arduino nano 33 IOT over the air update (OTA)


i decided to leave the arduino IDE and use platformio. i want to use OTA updates, with the arduino IDE i can choose between serial upload via com or network port shows up. See picture below:


using de platformio the code uploads succesfully but i cant seem to find the place to upload “OTA” . only the com port shows up , also not with multicast DNS

i think i am doing something wrong now


The Arduino IDE uses the arduinoOTA program to upload it wirelesssly.

Currently, PlatformIO doesn’t have native support for it.

So you have to go the route with the custom upload_command.

Try something of the sort

upload_protocol = custom
upload_port =
upload_flags =
upload_command = arduinoOTA $UPLOAD_FLAGS -sketch $SOURCE -upload /sketch -b 

You’ll have to find the arduinoOTA.exe executable though in your Arduino IDE installation folder and either copy it in the root of the project folder or reference the full path to it in the upload_command.