Arduino Micro USB Midi

Hello, I’m trying to compile some code that uses this midi library GitHub - tttapa/MIDI_controller: This is a library for creating a MIDI controller using an Arduino or Teensy board. and everything compiled and runs fine using the Arduino IDE. It even compiled fine using the PlatformIO plugin in visual studio on Windows 10. The issue is that the micro is no longer recognized as a usb midi device when programmed from PlatformIO.

I’ve turned on the verbose output in the Arduino IDE and compared it with PlatformIO and they look pretty much the same. I’m probably missing a compile flag or something, but I haven’t been able to find it.

Whats your code, platformio.ini and hardware setup?

Here is my git repo with all of my changes.

So this is odd. If I compile and upload from my macbook everything works as it should. So the issue seems to be with my windows setup.

I will test this on windows too.

Have you resolve this issue?

Yes. The issue was with my includes. Midi usb was conflicting with some other libraries.

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