Arduino library development: .ino files in examples are not seen as source files

I’m working on a more professional setup to develop Arduino-compatible libraries.
I run Arduino-Lint as a github action, to validate the library under development.

The problem is that Arduino expects the example files with extension .ino (in a subfolder of \examples, eg examples\helloworld\helloworld.ino)
But during a build, platformio does not add these files as source, unless they have an extension .cpp

I can include the example folders as source folders (using src_dir=) but I don’t know how to let platformio accept the .ino extension

Does anyone know of a simple solution for this ?

Is this for CI or for local development? The pio ci command accepts the source(s) as the last parameter. If it does nothing given an .ino file, that sounds like a bug to me, please file one in Issues · platformio/platformio-core · GitHub.

Local would be a good start, so let me try that.
Then later of course, I’d like CI with a github action that verifies that the examples build successfully.
However, there’s also a Arduino_CI github action that could probably validate that.