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Arduino IOT cloud problem

Hi, I have a problem with Arduino IOT cloud library ESP32 and PlatformIO.
Won`t compile and this is the error message :
“resource”: “/c:/Users/boRko/Desktop/arduinocloud proba/.pio/libdeps/esp32dev/WiFiNINA/src/utility/wifi_drv.h”,
“owner”: “cpp”,
“severity”: 8,
“message”: “‘PinStatus’ does not name a type”,
“startLineNumber”: 293,
“startColumn”: 12,
“endLineNumber”: 293,
“endColumn”: 12

Btw, its an empty sketch, its doing nothing, just connects to the Arduino IOT cloud and it works with Arduino IDE.

I don’t think the ESP32 needs a WiFiNINA library to communicate with the internet, likely the library isn’t used in this case. Add

lib_compat_mode = strict

(docs) to the platformio.ini to try and filter out these non-compatible libraries. If that fails, lib_ignore them, e.g. with lib_ignore = WiFiNINA.

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lib_compat_mode = strict is making more problems, but adding lib_ignore = WiFiNINA to platformio.ini, works and now compiles :smiley: Thanks a lot man, I didnt know that such command existed, Im still new to coding and PlatformIO too.

The installation of non-needed dependencies for a library may also be related to, so hopefully that is fixed soon at the source.

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