Arduino IDE not working

PlatformIO stopped working.
It will only Rebuild IntelliSense and Load Tasks forever.
It’s the only extension, and VSCode blames it on extensions. So it’s PIO’s fault.

So I downloaded the latest version of Arduino IDE.
I used it before. I started using PIO when Arduino simply stopped working.
The Arduino image flashes, but no application opens.

And now PlatformIO.

Can you explain why Arduino stopped working, why it won’t run?
Can you explain why PlatformIO stopped working? Why it won’t stop Rebuilding and Loading?
Can you recommend a third IDE?
I don’t want to learn a new IDE. I like PIO.

I’m exasperated. I have no IDE.

I’ve run into this issue too with an increasing frequency lately after the new PlatformIO core and/or VSCode updates, but it never got me stuck dead in the water. After 10min or something the rebuild is disabled anyways and then I can still build the project, which works (given you started with a compiling project). Some time after that I can reload the intellisense just fine.

I suspected that PlatformIO was maybe sometimes blocked on downloading some packages, but I think it also appeared with just a VSCode update and the same core version which before the VSCode update did not trigger such errors.

The issue at Build process fails while PIO is rebuilding IntelliSense index · Issue #3207 · platformio/platformio-vscode-ide · GitHub is quite active about this and they seem to have found the issue (Do not modify existing directory · platformio/platformio-core@4a95148 · GitHub), and I don’t seem to recall having the problem since I did pio upgrade --dev again. The 6.0.2 version has also been out officially since 6 hours.

Does the problem occurr for you still after doing a pio upgrade --dev?

My situation is different from the 3207 issue, because I can’t initiate a build. Rebuilding and Loading Tasks start as soon as PlatformIO opens.

I ran pio upgrade --dev in CLI again. Third time, I think.
I was already on v 6.0.2.

IntelliSense is still rebuilding. I restarted, and there is no change.

Another new thing is the GitHub login. The GitHub login window pops up when I open VSCode now. It didn’t used to. I never saw it. I’m logged in.

This implies you have things correctly set up to run in the command line. Do you get any joy at all with:

pio run
pio run -t upload
pio device monitor -b <baud rate> -p <your upload port>

That will compile, upload, the open the serial monitor for a sketch. the baud rate is the same as you used in Serial.begin(...) and the port is the same one you uploaded to. You can omit the port and it will (hopefully) default to the same as the upload port. The baud rate defaults to 9600.

I use the command line more often than the VSCode extensions, just because I prefer it that way. But I’ve not had any problems using either. But then again, I think you are on Windows and I’m on Linux.


I’ve uninstalled Atom and VSCode. I’ll download VSCode again tomorrow, see if anything is different.
I’ll let you know what happens when I paste that stuff in.

Could you provide a remote session to debug this issue? Please contact