Arduino IDE import to Platform IO compilation problem


I have a project written in Arduino ID, (wifimanager.ino) and import in Platform IO, compile perfect and write on esp32 but i have noticed that its not showing corectly Accespoint in scan list, but if i upload with clasic ArduinoIDE its working perfectly. (I have tried to import in Platform IO, to create a new project and all the posibilities but still its not working good) Can someone help me with an advice please?. Thanks!


Is there a version difference between the Arduino-ESP32 version used in Arduino IDE and PlatformIO?


It is not the same? I use the latest arduino IDE and the latest Platform IO


Doesn’t always mean latest Arduino-ESP32 package. What does your board manager say for the esp32 platform (

Also please describe the error more clearly. Does

mean that there isn’t any output from the ESP32 or it’s showing less / none access points after a WiFi scan? Or does it fail in compiling and uploading?


Could you explain about this difference in details?


I have deleted the program, what is the difference between the professional version of your program (Platform IO), if I buy it helps me in the ESP32 Heltec Lora 32 programming? Thanks!


See the difference here

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