Arduino.h No such file or directory

hello everyone, i am new here and decided to give this a try. I am new to using platformio with vscode. i have been using arduino ide for a long time but with vscode i keep getting arduino.h library not present. i have removed all other C/C++ and the problem persist.
i have been having this issue unresolved for 72 hours and all the solution i found on web and chatgpt could not resolve it. i have come to realise that virtually most people porting from arduino IDE have have similar issue in different time.
please can anyone assist. i use a windows system

‘’’ {
“folders”: [
“name”: “Arduino using platformio”,
“path”: “C:/Users/USER/Documents/PlatformIO/Projects/Arduino using platformio”
“name”: “Integrating Arduino”,
“path”: “…”
“settings”: {}
in case this might help

Can you copy and paste your platformio.ini file. Rather than a screenshot, you can paste code as folows:

Paste or type your code here, between three back-ticks.
These are NOT the single quote ' but this `

Also, can you compile the sketch with verbose mode on and paste the output here too. Thanks. In VSCode you would do this by:

  • Opening the project folder using File->Open Folder.
  • Click the Ant/Alien head on the left toolbar.
  • If necessary, click the ‘V’ to open up the environment for your board, Uno for example.
  • Click the ‘V’ against “General”.
  • Select “Full Clean”.
  • Click the ‘V’ against “Advanced”.
  • Select “Verbose Build”.


This is not even using the PlatformIO build system. You are using the wrong compile button or have the wrong extensions installed (like additional C/C++ code runner / building extensions). You should only need C/C++ by Microsoft and PlatformIO as extensions. Use the right build button.

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