Arduino framework for ST Nucleo H753ZI

Hi everyone!

Right now, I’m facing an issue using the Arduino framework for the ST Nucleo H753ZI board. According to the STM32Duino core, the board is supported, and I am able to develop using the Arduino libraries when using the Arduino IDE. However, the board is seemingly unsupported for the arduino framework that is used by PlatformIO, due to what I assume is a configuration error (the board is actually supported by STM32Duino!!). Is there a way to override the configuration so that I can use the framework properly?

You need to apply the patch from, PlatformIO developers have not yet merged it.

The local file should be in C:\Users\<user>\.platformio\platforms\ststm32\boards\nucleo_h753zi.json. Overwrite it with exactly.

After that (and a VSCode restart), the board should show up with the Arduino framework supported.