Arduino code debug in Atom

Hello! I like your atom IDE, it is pretty smart. But i really need debugging for arduino code, is it possible to debug in Atom?

Currently, PlatformIO IDE doesn’t support hardware debugging. We are working on this feature…

I am not talking about hardware debug.
And if you are working on hardware, i suppose it will be smth like visual micro debugging without any additional hardware? That would be cool!

What kind of debugging do you mean instead?
I’m currently only aware of basic serial monitor “debugging” which is available in PlatformIO of course.

Didn’t knew about any other way to debug embedded devices without special hardware support.
But if somehow possible I would greatly appreciate some more advanced debugging too.

I found projects like this: Q: How to debug an Arduino? A: With the Arduino debugger which seems to use a software serial implementation to add debugging functionality. Seems kind of hacky and Arduino specific to me (PlatformIO is a multi platform tool). Correct me if I’m wrong. I’m not really experienced in embedded programming.

I am not experienced too.
About low cost arduino (not only) hardware debugging in atmel studio- atmel xplained
About software debug- eclipse arduino plugin
I did not understand everything, but i looks like ordinary debugging of any other code. I just want breakpoints, setting of variables during debugging, and running through code with steps. Yes, it will not replace tests on real hardware, but at least you can check that your code is doing smth close to what you want to do before flashing it. I am a noob(guess like many other arduiners), so even very basic checking of my code could help.

I’d like to join this thread. How can I debug code using the serial monitor? I had included the <Arduino.h> header, and enabled Serial but it didn’t output anything to the console.

I’ve also searched the wiki, and the internet generally, but couldn’t find an adequate response to this.

How is it possible to print to the serial monitor using Platformio?


Ignore me already. I must have made a mistake previously. With Arduino.h and Serial setup, I can print to the serial monitor.

here is a solution to debug in a eclipse
i see platformio is not very advanced yet