Any support for 8051 based controllers?

Yesterday I asked a question on quora about an IDE for embedded programming that develops everything under Linux. I found as one of the answers. I downloaded IDE and have seen that so many embedded boards are supported. Thank you for Platformio.
My work is to develop projects on Tiva boards, 8051 based controllers and AVR. I found tm4c123 board in PlatformIO. But I couldn’t find support for individual controllers like 8051 based.

Hi @nayabbashasayed!
Currently, we don’t have any support for 8051 MCUs, but we are working on the PlatformIO 3.0 where adding a new platform will be much easier.
BTW, what toolchain do you use for compiling?

Currently we are using KEIL and CCS IDEs under Windows environment. C51 and CCS proprietary compilers I guess.