Anaconda support

I am having a peculiar issue with python (specifically anaconda) integration into atom.
Platformio is running a 2.7 virtualenv for python. I have anaconda installed for the same python version.
So essentially my system python presently is anaconda python. Now on platformio boot up it is creating a virtualenv for running. I am unable to execute a anaconda targeted python script from within atom/platformio. I can run regular python files just fine. I understand that the virtualenv is being created only to maintain the purity of python for running platformio. I dont want to run the requirements file again through the virtualenv because it is pretty big for anaconda. Is there away where I can toggle on and off the platformio virtualenv from within atom. Can I make a feature request??


Sure, we will re-write PIO IDE 2.0 Installer from the scratch. Please file new issue here with all details:

  • OS
  • Anaconda version
  • How did you install Anaconda

This will help us to reproduce your environment.