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Allow custom boards inside the project directory

Custom embedded boards are a great feature for those who don’t use the pre-made development boards, but create their own, as we do at our company. However adding custom boards can be quite a hassle. It would be great if myboard.json files can also be recognised inside the project directory. This will resolve some issues I’ve found with the current process and will have the following benefits:

  1. Custom boards can be stored and altered using version control, which when altered will directly change the environment.
  2. New developers to an already existing project don’t have to setup the environment.
  3. CI can be performed without additional steps to setup the environment.

A current workaround to have all those benefits is to pick an already existing board, and to modify the file accordingly. However this solution seems rather hack-ish, especially if the custom board doesn’t resemble any development board at all.

It is. Simply put them into a folder called boards in the project. This is documented behavior per the documentation. Also supported by the many example projects listed in each platform’s documentation.

Thanks! That’s quite a relieve. I see that I missed the note on the exact page that the custom boards got discussed.

Edit: added a link for those who are curious about my awful reading skills.