All projects disappeared from vs code

Hello, I’ve been using platform Io to program an m5stick c plus, I had some projects set up and was able to easily upload and mess about with it. today I opened vs code and all my projects had disappeared, they are still there in explorer, and I see them in my platform Io recent projects, but it says they were last opened 2 days ago ( I was there coding minutes ago),
when I try and relink / point to a project folder, it opens, but it no longer recognizes any of the installed libraries and my microcontroller (m5 stick ) is not set up for compilation / upload as it was just minutes ago before vs was closed. I don’t know what could have changed except I had accidentally put a .7z file in Windows explorer in my projects root directory, I’ve moved it now but it looks like the damage is done, not sure how to get everything back to how it was.

Today I opened VS Code and everything was back to normal, and another window of VS code was open with everything missing, maybe I had opened another instance of VS code with no projects in it? I have no idea.