AIThinker ESP32 CAM

I’ve been looking forward to messing with the CAM 32, but it doesn’t have a port. You have to use a FTDI programmer:

I see the AI Thinker Cam in the Boards collection, but this isn’t a direct connect.

I’d love to get into OTA firmware updates, but you have to upload that file first.

How can I connect to the CAM via FTDI using PIO?

Arduino apparently connects as ESP32 CAM, with no consideration of the FTDI.

I use an FTDI device occasionally for my “NormDuino” breadboarded devices. Similar to an Uno, but with the crystal removed to get 2 extra pins. Running at 8 MHz on the internal oscillator.

It just appears as a USB port like /dev/ttyUSB0 or /dev/ttyAMC1 or whatever. I don’t have to tell PlatformIO which port to use etc.

I assume on Windows you plug in the FTDI the first time, install a driver, pick a com port and upload?