After I use pio update in VSCode the platform always in intellisense index rebuild

When I see the ststm32 framwork can upgrage, so I use the command pio update in VSCode
and after I update finished and reopen the VSCode ,the platform always in intellisense index rebuild state?
last time I slove it is to unistall all the software include vscode, use rm -rf, but I want to find a solution this time, I use it under the macos.

Please help me, thank you

I noticed something somewhat similar yesterday, when trying to get a older library version from the library registry - it wasn’t working, so just kept retrying. Perhaps you are facing a similar issue. Try renaming the .pio subfolder of your project, and see if that settles it. I would normally say to delete the folder, but since it may be having issues downloading dependencies, that could lead to an unusable state.

I still did not found the solution?