Advice on code upload using Arduino IDE


I have been using PIO for a few years and its been great - great environment and great support which I have valued greatly.

For one set of projects I use AVR4809 chips and although we’ve worked on trying to get a code upload solution to work, it doesn’t seem to have been possible.

So currently I have a code upload facility which works in the Arduino environment - this is an Arduino Uno board acting as a JTAG2UPDI programmer, and I think I’ll use that until a solution becomes available in PIO.

What’s the best way to do this as seamlessly as possible? Just aware that the file extensions and directory structures are different etc.

I’d like to continue using PIO and VScode for the development work if possible.

thanks for any thoughts.

thanks to all who viewed, I’ll have to transfer my projects out of PIO, such a shame.

If there’s any way to get updates on whether the upload address issue is fixed in future I’d be interested to know.

Try to check that the sentences are free of language problems and syntax error before uploading. It is relatively smooth to use.

Thanks, I guess what you mean is compile the code… :slight_smile: :slight_smile: