Advanced Standalone Serial Monitor

Hello everyone,

I just started using PlatformIO and I have a question, it might be a simple one.

I want to use the serial monitor to send a “buffer” to arduino, like “MF 100 100” (without the quotes)

But the default behaviour of the terminal is to send the char as soon as I type. Is it possible to change this behavior? and only send the buffer after you give it a command?

We will improve terminal behaviour later. Temporary you can use other advanced Seril Port Monitors. What is your OS?

I use MACOS… any recommendation?!

I highly recommend to take a look at CoolTerm:

P.S: Don’t forget to disconnect Serial Port before uploading.

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I’ve been using coolterm for a while now…

Opening and closing the serial port is a not great, but… and there are few features that I don’t like on coolterm as well.

I’m a software developer but never built anything with electron. I’ll poke around the serial code and see if I can help improving it a bit. Is there something in particular that is on the road map? or an ideal implementation?

Could you explain a little bit more? Your +/- . Thanks!

It seems like the program has a feature called insert text that does what the original posted (and I) need. It lets you specify a string instead of a single character to write to the serial buffer. Is there a way to keep this text entry area showing while the serial monitor is open? Its very awkward to have to click the button and open a separate window every time I want to send a command over the serial monitor. If I have to leave the IDE to use a stand alone terminal program, it kind of defeats the purpose of an IDE.

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A bit late to this conversation but I wanted to contribute in case this can help anyone else who comes upon this thread.

You may want to try the serial monitor at, which seems pretty user-friendly in my so-far limited experience.

Hi @ivankravets! What would be the Linux suggested advanced serial monitor? Coolterm Linux version is not officially supported. The other suggestion, Baud, (from conduit labs) requires a license.

And (sorry for being kind of stubborn here), as @vitormhenrique asked, is really not possible to input more than one character in the serial monitor?

Have you tried it? It should work.

I’ve tried to install it, but its installation instructions were not very clear about the dependencies. Besides I’ve managed to “survive” with the pio serial monitor :slight_smile:

PuTTY solves your problem and is universally available. Though it’s known for being an ssh client, it can also talk directly to a serial line.

If you enable line editing and local echo, it will let you enter and edit a full line then send it when you hit enter.

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I tried to install putty as the default terminal in platformIO but I am not sure where to go in the multiple configuration settings. some help would be welcomed.

As far as I know PIO’s terminal program cannot be changed (i.e. always , but you can still run your PuTTY externally.

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N00B here. Still getting settled in with 4.2.1 on Windows/VS Code

Got this to work with Putty (Kitty, actually)
Serial pc(USBTX, USBRX);
pc.printf(“Mbed Test\n”);

Never got to quite work. Got it to init @ 9600 and got garbage output. From pio.ini
;this never worked:
;monitor_port = COM[3]
;monitor_speed = 9600

platform = GitHub - platformio/platform-nordicnrf52: Nordic nRF52: development platform for PlatformIO
board = nrf52_dk
framework = mbed
;this never worked
;monitor_port = COM[3]
;monitor_speed = 9600

;this almost worked:
monitor_port = COM[3]

monitor_speed = 9600
;monitor_speed = 115200