Additional boards manager urls

In arduino ide to add new boards I use Additional boards manager urls, for example by inserting this link
I would like to do the same thing with platformio in visual studio code, can you give me an indication on how to proceed?
Thank you

PlatformIO operates fundamentally differently, you can’t just give it a board manager URL and have PlatformIO recognize everything. It needs explicit coding in Python (+JSON descriptions) for each supported framework / board.

Support for that core with SAMD11 and SAML21 boards is still an open issue per


adn I don’t see an open PR that implements support yet, so no PlatformIO support yet.

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Thanks for the reply.
For example, I need to be able to use platformio, for the ATSAMD51J19A, and ATSAME53J19A microcontroller, and generate their bootloaders.
There is a more detailed guide on how to generate platform.json and, in order to add this two microcontrollers?