Adding new board, M5StickC-Plus2

I recently got one of the M5StickC PLUS2 boards. (what a name)
Unfortunately, it looks there’s not already a board definition in PIO.
Although the earlier version the “M5StickC” does exist, so I am trying to adapt it.

While I haven’t dove too deeply into it, it looks like the ESP32 PICO module used is mostly similar.

Copying the board definition, and changing a few options to match what is in Arduino (8MB flash, 80Mhz flash freq, qio mode), a simple “hello world” does not work, and results in a boot loop. But the same code works fine in Arudino.
And looking at the invocation of esptool, the options are the same and binaries are getting flashed to the same addresses.
So, down to the binaries themselves.
Build flags, linker script, etc.

Any insight on what to tweak here?

I would like to get this working, as I find the Arduino IDE impossible to use except for the most basic stuff

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