Adding framework-cmsis support to Atmelsam platform

I have a number of SAMD21g boards (Feather M0, Moteino Zero) on which I’d like to run Amazon FreeRTOS.

To make as spare a build as possible, I’d like to use framework = cmsis. However, the platform = atmelsam does not support cmsis as a framework.

I’d like to fork the framework-cmsis repo and see how far I can get adding startup code and link scripts for AtmelSAM chips alongside the STSTM32 chips.

Where is the framework-cmsis repo? I can’t seem to find it under PlatformIO · GitHub. Is it generated on the fly?

Issue in the platform please, Issues · platformio/platform-atmelsam · GitHub, Ivan can help you. Maybe it’s directyl hosted on the bintray…

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