Adding a Library not included in the Library automatic Import

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I have been having a blast with my Arduino project, I have been using Library’s that I have found in the automatic library look up which will import them for me. Given I’m new to Arduino I found this super helpful.

However I want to use this library and can’t seem to find it in the automatic library look up section. Arduino Playground - Charlieplex Library

How does one go about adding it to the project.

The developer that made the library says this, but i’m using the in VSC
"Put the Charlieplex folder in "hardware\libraries".

In the Arduino IDE, create a new sketch (or open one) and

select from the menubar “Sketch->Import Library->Charlieplex”.

Once the library is imported, an “#include Charlieplex.h” line will appear

at the top of your Sketch."

however when reading the readme section in lib is seems I should put it in there. Plus I want to be able to use this on all my computer which I have been coding on.

How do you think I should go about installing this library.


After coping over the files to the lib section and then cleaning my teensy and rebuilding after adding “#include Charlieplex.h” in the main.cpp

I get the following output
Compiling .pio\build\teensy36\lib2e1\Charlieplex\Charlieplex.cpp.o
Archiving .pio\build\teensy36\lib2e1\libCharlieplex.a

It is the only one that says Archiving

why does it say Archiving?

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lib is the correct place to put the downloaded library.

Archiving is the process of creating a .a file. They are a kind of zip file for compiled object files.

PlatformIO creates a .a file for each library but not for the main project. So if you are using a single library, you’ll have a single Archiving step. There is likely a second Archiving step for the Arduino framework. It’ll be visible if you rebuild the entire project.

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Thank you manuelbl and I checked there is one for the Arduino framework.

I seem to have everything up and running now. Next I just have to intergrade it into my project !

Thanks again,