Added ESP-IDF component not found

I’m trying to add library (GitHub - espressif/esp-homekit-sdk) as a component.
I follow Espressif IoT Development Framework — PlatformIO latest documentation steps.
I added list(APPEND EXTRA_COMPONENT_DIRS esp-homekit-sdk) to CMakeLists.txt.
I can build the project successfully. But examples does not listing at menuconfig window.

I decided to copy and paste codes from examples to main.c. But I couldn’t include any header which is in component folder.

I removed .pio and retry but nothing changes.

My platformio.ini:

platform = espressif32
board = esp32dev
framework = espidf

What are you expecting to see in the menuconfig?

Something like that :

example configuration at menuconfig window is not neccessary for now.

Just include is enough for me.

If you have the KConfig files in the project, this e.g., this should show up in the menuconfig. Are you able to upload your current project?

No ı didnt create my own Kconfig. Lets forget the menuconfig settings. Is there a way to include headers that in component folders ?

Each example has to be its own PlatformIO project – move the files from example/lightbulb to the main folder.

Also Im trying this . But header files for example esp_hap_core etc. can’t be include. I dont want to copy and paste all includes and components whic used in examples to root folder.

If I am going to do it like this,why I add it as a component?