Add ESP8266 + ZephyrRTOS Support

Im new here,

and I didn’t found the support of the tuple ESP8266 + ZephyrRTOS.
Is it possible that such a popular board doesn’t exist on PlatformIO? may I didn’t search in the right way.

If it didn’t exists on PlatformIO, how can I add it?


Opened feature request at Zephyr support for ESP8266 · Issue #246 · platformio/platform-espressif8266 · GitHub, will be tracked there.

This cannot be summarized shortly – one has to do board definition changes to add zephyr in the list of supported frameworks, then platform-espressif8266 needs to get the builder script added to it, the script needs be adapter, the platform.json needs to be expanded to list all the framework-zephyr-* packages, etc… Very technical internal PlatformIO development stuff. Best to just let PIO developers build the support for it.

Wait a second there. When I look in the Zephyr documentation it talks about using an ESP8266 as a shield / module to give another base board a WiFi extension. Not compiling a Zephyr firmware that actually runs on the ESP8266 chip.

The only XTensa architecture type chips that run Zephyr are the ESP32 and some other minor ones, but not ESP8266, as listed in XTENSA Boards — Zephyr Project Documentation.

How did you get Zephyr running on the ESP8266, if you did?

My fault, you right.