Add a default include directory for new projects

Hello new friends:

Is there a way for PIO to add a global dir to the include path as well as the include dir in the project?

I’d like this to either happen when I create a new project, or, it should simply be part of the global path.

Over the years, I have created several .h files I always include in my projects.

I understand I can copy them into my project include directory each time I create anew, but I don’t like making redundant .h files. That way when I find a bug in it I can fix it in all my projects at once.

Thanks, Mark.

a.) make an alias/shortcut in your projects, to the shared lib
b.) manage shared libs with git and PIO

Hi, dvdnwk:

Thanks for the tips.

a) By “shortcut” I am assuming you mean a windows shortcut in the project/include directory to my global/include directory elsewhere? I’ll try that.

b) I will look into the git solution. I have no experience with that.


yes. probably. i mean unix’s “alias”, but windows’ shortcut should work as well, i guess…