Adafruit Feather RP2040 with PlatformIO + Arduino-mbed

I’ve successfully hooked up an Adafruit Feather RP2040 to a Segger Edu Mini probe and tested out a few programs using PlatformIO & Arduino-mbed core.

It was a little tricky to solder the 1.27mm pitch, 2x5 male SMT box header to the Feather RP2040 but all worked out fine. Just needed to be careful and some patience!

Both upload & debug via jlink work fine.

Currently, Adafruit doesn’t have the board definitions for their RP2040 boards (Feather and ItsyBitsy) available. However, although the following link is not up to date, the Feather RP2040 pinouts will suffice for now.

The Feather RP2040 board is high quality and reasonably priced. The board is a typical Feather Board with LiPo battery connector, 8MB SPI Flash, BOOTSEL & RESET buttons, SWD, RGB NeoPixel, general purpose LED, STEMMA QT connector, and plenty of GPIOs.

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