Aceinna platforms can't work

I use aceinna platform,and today platformio reminds me to upgrade platforms/aceinna_imu,when i upgrade i can’t upload program correct,so what’s cause?
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So what’s the error message? The screenshot shows a successful upload using the stlink protocol. IS that with the old or new platform?

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the new
the PC pointer is not right
the sucessful upload PC will point to reset_handle before programming started.
but PC of the picture point to the wrong address.
so after upload ,the board can’t run normaly.

I’m pretty sure the PC is printed at the point the flasher interrupts the processor to run the new firmware (which could be anywhere), not the new PC after flashing the firmware. Or did it print 0x8000000 with the old platform version? Do you have a screenshot from that?

Anyway can you provide the following:

  1. your entire platformio.ini

  2. The invocation line of openocd in the log when you do a “Verbose Upload” with the newest platform.

Now modifiy the platformio.ini and replace the platform line by

platform = aceinna_imu@1.2.0

and 3. again post a verbose upload log.

If this works the error has to be somewhere in these commits Comparing v1.2.0...develop · Aceinna/platform-aceinna_imu · GitHub

I will upload bootloader before upload app,for example the bootloader reset_handle address is 0x80001f0,for old version ,when i upload app the PC also point to 0x80001f0,but the new version not.

Thank you,you solved my problem perfectly.I use platform = aceinna_imu@1.2.0 now.
but i find will upload bin file and it will lead to checksum mismatch. if i modify to upload elf file ,it works well.

Hi @daichenghe! Is LowCostRTK board supposed to be run with bootloader by default? Because I don’t see any mention of any bootloader in the board manifest or in the linker script for this MCU.