A way to install tool-scon definitively

Tool Manager: Installing platformio/tool-scons @ ~2.20501.7
Tool Manager: tool-scons @ 2.20501.191222 has been installed!
Tool Manager: Removing tool-scons @ 4.40001.0
Tool Manager: tool-scons @ 4.40001.0 has been removed!

Every time I’m uploading the fs with the pio run -t uploadfs command, Pio ends up downloading tool-scons and after a while, removing it.

It works just fine but the problem is : I need an internet connection to do this.

And sometimes I don’t have an internet connection available.

Can anyone help?

Does this appear with latest PlatformIO core and Espressif32 or Espressif8266 platform versions? What is your exact platformio.ini?