A new way of looking at Embedded Systems

Hi guys! My name is Manu,

I’m a new member of the forum, but happy to be here! Hope I’ll be be helpful! :grinning:

My friends (Nicolas Rabault and Simon Baudry) and I are working in Robotics/Electronics for a a long time (Aldebaran, Softbank Robotics, Mediatek, INRIA, Makingbot, Pollen Robotics). We are completely passionate about Embedded Systems!

During these years, we coped with a lot of technical struggles due to the complexity of all the ecosystems and because of a lack of modularity/universality. We got the feeling that we lose a lot of time re-building existing stuff or redeveloping something already existing…

That’s why we are currently building a new way of designing embedded systems: Luos ! We want to duplicate what microservices and API allow in the software world, in the Electronics world. Luos is like Docker for Electronics. It encapsulates drivers and embedded applications as modules and creates a network between all of them across all boards of a device.

Besides topology detection, hot plug and play, scalability and universality, what makes Luos different is that it creates a network between apps and functionalities, not between boards!

We just released (thanks to PIO!) a version of our libraries with examples, templates and documentation. To make this technology evolve and adapt to a bunch of situations, it needs to be used in a lot of projects and devices! We need your help because we need feedback! We would be really happy to discuss with you about our technology and project. If you’re interested have a look to our repo on Github!

Thanks for your feedback!
See you,