Zephyr on Nordic nRF51 8.1.0 platform

Hello, guys.

I am using the latest (8.1.0) Nordic nRF51 platform to develop the code for nRF51822 SoC from Nordic.

I wanted to use the polling APIs from Zephyr as it is explained here. I am following what is suggested in the documentation but getting some strange compilation errors:


k_poll_signal_init() and k_poll() are Zephyr APIs, do you have any idea why those functions are throwing the errors? Is it something related to PlatformIO environment (e.g. compiler version) or settings?

Thanks in advance for your time and efforts.

Did you add CONFIG_POLL=y is in your zephyr/prj.conf file?

Stupid me! That was the issue. Thanks a ton, @maxgerhardt !