Wrong include paths used


I’m new to platformio. My first arduino project builds without problems.
Now I’ve made a new project with a stm32disco board, but it does not compile.

The CMSIS include Files are existing in the right place and the path in the properties.json is also correct.

In the build process I get this error message:
Unable to open ‘stm32h747xx.h’: Unable to read file ‘/home/tom/Documents/PlatformIO/Projects/rio_test_01/home/tom/.platformio/packages/framework-cmsis-stm32h7/Include/stm32h747xx.h’

There are 2 paths concatenated !
The part “/home/tom” appears two times. Why?

The properties.json is correct IMHO:
“configurations”: [
“name”: “PlatformIO”,
“includePath”: [

Any suggestions?
I’ve already rebuild the IntelliSenseIndex.


VSCode and PIO extension is up-to-date, have you tried not having other extensions installed?

I’ve installed the current .deb version for debian 3 days ago.
The only extension I’ve installed is PIO.

Are there any symlinks involved? What’s the platformio.ini of the project?