Windows-build-tools node-gyp conflict

So it seems like platformio on atom conflicts with the windows-build-tools available on npm. If I install the windows-build-tools after platformio it breaks platformio. If I install platformio after it breaks windows-build-tools. I think it has something to do with python and how platformio stores python27 in a non-accessible area on the root drive. It’s also uninstalling other versions of python I have on my system. Anyone else want to confirm before I submit a bug?

If you can think of a work around, I’m all ears.

Which version of Python do you see in both cases?

python --version

Python 2.7.14 in both cases, but windows build-tools-installs python to the c:\Users<user>.windows-build-tools\python27\ directory instead of the root.

I fixed the issue by installing platformio after windows-build-tools and then granting myself full permission recursively to the c:\python27 directory and adding that directory to my path, but honestly this kind of seems like a bug. Why does platformio uninstall the other version of python? Why does it install to the root and set funny permissions?

  1. We DO NOT UNINSTALL something from your system including Python
  2. We DO NOT CHANGE permissions.

See source code GitHub - platformio/platformio-node-helpers: Collection of Node.JS helpers for PlatformIO.Org